NorthPointe Meetings and Incentives

Where collaboration,
turns to conversation

A Partnership

At NorthPointe we view Meeting and Incentive planning as a partnership. Your business. Our expertise. Together we choose the right tools and resources that support and enhance your immediate and long-term objectives.

Trying to build relationships?

Want to create excitement and interest among decision makers? NorthPointe is a full service meeting and incentive company that offers innovative solutions, customized service, and extraordinary results.

Creativity and Experience

Whether working to supplement your internal planning initiatives or working independently, our unique blend of creativity and experience enables us to consistently develop and produce events that differentiate you in your industry.


Seeing the Vision in Strategy

NorthPointe Meetings & Incentives is based on a strategic vision to implement innovative solutions specifically tailored to meet a client’s short- and long-term objectives. NorthPointe applies a results-oriented approach to each event. This leads to consistently high quality meetings and incentives that positively affect a client’s bottom line.

Bruce know's that it’s one thing to run a successful meeting.  It’s quite another to run multiple successful meetings in a consistent, measurable, high quality fashion and that can help to reduce cost, streamline processes and enhance services. NorthPointe Meetings and Incentives does that precisely.

Bruce Smith

Bruce brings over 30 years of comprehensive experience to NorthPointe Meetings and Incentives. He is well versed in all aspects of meeting & event management for corporate and incentive clients. Not only does he understand the challenges and opportunities of group logistics, he excels at managing the financial impact of decisions.

Many companies have benefited from his expertise. His background includes the creation and management of meeting consolidation programs for Fortune 100 companies as well as the management of single events including product launches, user groups, sales incentives, and executive meetings.


Our Services

Developing meetings and incentives that build relationships

Whether you need to deliver content or facilitate conversation, NorthPointe Meetings and Incentives has the experience and reputation to deliver exactly what your meetings require for a successful initiative.

We will create a strategy and implement the event plan to help you meet your immediate and long-term goals. NorthPointe will produce exceptional events for you at a fair price without sacrificing message quality, attendee experience, or corporate integrity.

Our expertise gives us a deep understanding of the unique requirements your industry demands.

Enhancing customer and vendor-partner relationships

Key Opinion Leader development

Aligning Resources

Global audience and cultural considerations

Destination considerations

Technology requirements

Internal Regulatory Compliance


Specialized Audio/Visual needs

On-Site Requirements

Federal regulatory requirements

Let's start planning your next meeting today.


Providing personalized support for event success

Program Consultations

It starts with listening.
NorthPointe listens to your event needs and objectives. We then create a personalized plan to meet your event goals. Our unique blend of creativity, vision and experience enables us to consistently develop and produce meetings that are successful, memorable and cost-effective.

We evaluate everything from the accommodations, meeting/trade show space to sightseeing and leisure activities. We also handle the practical logistics like attendee transportation, vendor negotiations, audio visual and technology requirements, and all on-site contracts.

Site Research and Negotiations

Location is everything.
With that in mind we make sure the destination is more than just comfortable with good catering, we make sure that it meets our partner’s business objectives.

We thoroughly research potential destinations, compare your needs with what the venue offers and then negotiate the best possible price so you get the most value for your investment.



Site Research

Registration Management

Making the right first impression.
We provide a seamless experience for your event attendees. We handle every aspect of your pre-event needs. From registration to name badges, and tickets to registration tracking, packet materials, and confirmation letters we expertly manage it all.

Other services we manage include registration statistics and reports, receive and process registrations and fees, invoices, financial management, exhibitor registration, session enrollments, tour enrollments, rooming lists, and housing registrations. We also offer a registration system that is available on-line, through fax or mailing services. Registration

On-site Management and Staff

Making every minute count.
Because every interaction your attendees have at your events impacts your objective, NorthPointe Meetings and Incentives provides expert leadership at all events.

Our experienced staff works as a team with all on-site personnel, including the suppliers and the attendees to ensure a successful and productive event. We also provide qualified event staff for on-site registration.



On-Site Staff

Transportation and Travel

The journey matters.
How your attendees get to your events is important because it sets the tone for the event. Therefore, NorthPointe Meetings and Incentives arranges everything from local transportation, airline and ground transportation, and parking. We use our extensive industry relationships to develop a variety of negotiated travel options to help maximize the discounts for your event. For example, we use our negotiated air contracts to provide significant savings on airfares and obtain terms that are favorable to your budget. Our good reputation can also obtain greater access to certain restricted inventories in popular markets.


Speakers and Entertainment

Look who's talking now.
Speakers and the information (or entertainment) they provide will draw attendees to your events. Therefore, NorthPointe Meetings and Incentives conducts a call for papers, prepares contracts for speakers, processes payments and acknowledgment letters for honor aria.

Our goal is to get you the right speaker for each event. So we coordinate every detail of a speaker's needs including travel, presentation details and special needs.  We also organize music, guest appearances, and entertainment for your events.




  • NorthPointe has been exceptional to work with and I would like to have you assist us on our next program.
  • Of all vendors I have worked with, NorthPointe is the best in their communications:  They are concise, polite….like them a lot. Hope we keep working with them.
  • Our client is extremely happy and they are thrilled with your performance.
  • Excellent accommodations & travel planning services.
  • Accommodations/organization was wonderful!
  • Excellent speakers, excellent accommodations, very well organized.
  • Quality of lectures, overall organization, learning atmosphere.
  • Logistics – ease of hotel/transport/flight and the quality/credentials of faculty.
  • The course was excellent, the lectures were super, the hotel was great and the binder is very nice.


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